Infotainment Systems and the Connected Car

Our cars do much more than get us from point A to point B. They are our command center, often serving as a conference room, a family lounge, and even a dressing vanity. We live so much of our lives in the car that it is only natural that we connect them to the rest of our life. This is where the infotainment system comes in.

Infotainment systems began to be introduced as convenience options in the early 2000s. The word is a mashup of information and entertainment, which highlights the primary purpose of the systems. As consumers demanded more and more feedback and connectivity in vehicles, infotainment systems were a natural solution, combining music and media, phone communication, and vehicle settings and information all in one place. While some early versions in mostly European vehicles employed an LCD display controlled by a console mounted joystick, most models evolved into touchscreen displays. Now these systems handle nearly every feedback task in the cabin, with some cars, like the Tesla Model S, utilizing only the touchscreen with no physical buttons anywhere.

Infotainment systems are becoming increasingly a standard option and many older vehicles can be upgraded with aftermarket units. Come see the experts at our auto parts and service facility to upgrade your infotainment.



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