Routine Maintenance Keeps Your Car's Suspension System Working Right

Your car's suspension system supports the vehicle's weight, dampens road shock, and helps maintain tire contact. It's what gives you and your passengers a smooth, safe ride down the road. Keeping the suspension system in good shape will keep you driving down the road without a bump.

What are some key parts of your car's suspension system? The shocks and struts on your car help absorb the bumps and dips you encounter on the road, making it a smoother ride for you and your passengers. Ball joints, sway bars, and bushings help steer the car.

Two of the most common services performed on the suspension system are replacing shocks/struts and tire alignments. Replacing shocks and struts routinely will help keep the car riding smoothly. Routine tire alignments help maintain optimal contact between the tire and the road. Stop by Philpott Pre-Owned Super Center to have your suspension system serviced today.



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