Keep Car Odors at Bay All the Time

The interior of your car can smell terrible when you don't take care of it. Leftover spills, food in the backseat and trash can all make your car stink. When you are concerned about an odor in your vehicle, it's time to start with a good cleaning. Remove all the trash and wipe down all surfaces.

If there is a spill, get it cleaned up right away. If you smoke, don't smoke while you are in your car. For children, don't allow them to eat food in the vehicle. When you have a pet, take the time to vacuum your car each week.

You can reduce smells in your car by using an industrial odor neutralizer. You can also try putting a few scented dryer sheets in your glove compartment. Keep your car clean and you are less likely to have odors that you can't identify. Throw away all trash as soon as you leave your vehicle.



Categories: Service
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