How to Negotiate the Best Price on a Used Vehicle

At Philpott Pre-Owned Super Center, our team wants you to make an informed vehicle purchase. You need to choose a price range before you speak with a used car sales associate in Nederland, TX. When you have a budget, you can negotiate a great deal.

Know the value of the used vehicle. Be prepared to hear a higher price during the negotiation. You should know the price of the optional features before you start haggling. Always be ready to walk away from an unacceptable offer. You will get a good price if you are not attached to one vehicle.

Offer a price that is lower than the TMV. Slowly raise your price. You may be offered incentives if the sales associate really wants you to purchase the vehicle. At the end of the negotiation, you might be overly excited. Do not let your emotions ruin the deal. Stay firm when you are closing the deal.


Categories: Finance
Tags: Used Cars
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