Are You Planning a Leaf-Peeping Road Trip?

What's better than heading out for an adventure during the change of seasons in fall? It's incredibly nostalgic and heartwarming to see the rustic reds and golds as leaves change their colors. It's called leaf peeping in New England, and experts say you have to plan for the right time to see leaves changing in their prime.

The best time to go on a road trip in the fall is October. Throughout this month, many areas of the United States start to change. Seasonal foliage starts to turn bright red and gold by the end of October to early November. Some of the best road trip routes are through New England. In late October and early November, southern New England starts to experience the peak of foliage changes. You can see and track these changes in a new app called Leaf Peepr.

Want to plan your fall road trip right? It's best to go when you're prepared. You can head to Philpott Pre-Owned Super Center to get a deal on services and maintenance before going on your adventure. It's the best place for maintenance and service in town. 


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