Tips for Using Your Roof Rack

When you're ready to take a few adventures and trips with your vehicle, you'll want to utilize a roof rack where your sporting equipment and luggage can be stored. Roof racks make it possible to bring more along for the ride and free up extra space in the cabin.

Begin by measuring the luggage or equipment you need to store on the roof rack. Use a durable cargo bag or case that is waterproof to protect the personal belongings. If the rack has a crossbar, fit the box in the square. Check to make sure that the bag or box doesn't hang over the windshield once it's placed on top of the roof. Load all of your items in the box once it's attached to avoid having to lift a heavy suitcase or box over your head.

Attach the box with cam-buckle straps to keep it secure while cranking it to tighten the straps. At least four straps should be used to prevent it from moving.



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