What is front-wheel drive vs. rear-wheel drive?

It’s time to get into a new car, but you don’t know what drivetrain you want. Should you upgrade to rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive? What’s the difference between those options and front-wheel drive? For one, front-wheel drive vehicles are lower in cost and get better gas mileage.

Front-wheel drive vehicles pull the car forward. This occurs when the transmission sends power to the front wheels, allowing them to move forward and pull the rest of the weight. While this is better for gas mileage, it doesn’t deliver on power or towing. For those options, you’ll need a rear-wheel drive vehicle. These cars send power to the rear differential through the driveshaft, which increases horsepower and towing capacity. This is why so many sports cars and SUVs typically have rear-wheel drive. However, many vehicles are switching to all-wheel drive for more performance options.

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