Motor oil keeps your engine lubricated and clean. Oil captures and removes debris, helping your engine work at optimal efficiency over a longer lifespan. Traditional recommendations suggest you change your engine oil every 3,000 miles, but the experts in Philpott Pre-Owned Super Center service department have a few considerations to bear in mind.

Conventional Oil

If you still use conventional oil and/or your car is more than 10 years old, have your oil changed every 3,000 miles. Use your odometer to gauge 3,000-mile intervals as they arise. If you drive daily, it takes about three to four months to accrue 3,000 miles.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic blend and full synthetic oil are designed to protect and enhance engine health for up 7,500 miles. If you use synthetic oil and have a car manufactured within the past 10 years, consider an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

When it's time for your oil change, be sure to swing by our Nederland dealership service department. See you soon.


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