For our dealership, we aren't just concerned about the cars we sell; we also care about the people that drive them. To maintain your safety, we want you to be aware of best practices for your vehicle. One important way to protect yourself and your passenger are to keep your tires properly inflated. Here are the reasons why.


When putting air in your tires, you may add more than what they need. This can be dangerous because it causes them to be too firm and inflexible. As you drive, they will be affected by every defect or debris in the road and could end in a blow-out.


?When tires lose air, it tempting to keep driving on them until the situation gets worse. That isn't ideal because the tire is flattened and has too much contact with the ground. The extra work this generates can cause the tire to wear down and crack.

Visit our dealership today so that we can check the conditions of your tires and get you back on the road in a safer way.


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