Traveling in a straight direction helps get you where you want to go. What a shame the car's wheels aren't complying. They can't due to being out of alignment. Different reasons contribute to a car's alignment getting messed up. Hitting a pothole on the road is a common culprit. There are others. Thankfully, an experienced mechanic can fix alignment issues.

Correcting the angles on the alignment starts with taking measurements. Three vital angles receive measurement checks and, if necessary, adjustments. The adjustments restore the alignment back to the factory setting.

Questions arise about when to request alignment service. Generally, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a wheel alignment as part of routine maintenance. Tell the service technician to check the alignment even when visiting for a routine oil change. Getting the wheels checked after hitting something on the road makes sense, too.

At our dealership, skilled technicians know a lot about alignments. Set up an appointment to get your wheels aligned or additional services.


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