Don't make the mistake of ignoring problems with your tires. Maybe you think all those vibrations are fine, but issues with the wheels, tires, and struts could be the cause. A trained mechanic can likely figure out the reason for the mysterious vibrations. A car's owner can also check for some obvious signs the vehicle's tires are in bad shape.

Checking tread depth should be something all owners should do regularly. Use a penny to see how deep Lincoln's dead goes into the treads. If you see the top of Lincoln's head, the less depth there is. Such a tire won't have reliable traction.

Tires can also suffer dry rot from weather, age, and use. A dry-rotted tire with cracked sidewalls is likely to blow out. And also look for bulges and bumps, as they indicate weak tire and potential blowout.

Our service team in Nederland can assist with tire service. At Philpott Pre-Owned Super Center, we offer all kinds of maintenance help.


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