Virtually every driver knows that to keep your vehicle looking like new, you have to periodically maintain the exterior. That means occasionally applying a coating of car wax to the exterior. What exactly is car wax and how does it work?

Car wax is all about protection. Essentially, it's a hydrocarbon that forms a hard substance at room temperature. Car waxes can be made of natural materials, such as carnauba or palm oils, or synthetic waxes formulated from silicones. All wax formulations form a layer over your vehicles paint to protect it from the elements.

Because waxes are hard, manufacturers place additives such as solvents or oils into the mixture so you can apply them to your vehicle and produce a hard shiny surface that is great at repelling water and dirty. To learn more about car wax, Philpott Pre-Owned Super Center staff in Nederland will be happy to explain more about its benefits.


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